Best Lightning Headphones [Customer Reviews]

Best Lightning Headphones

These lightning connectors are unlike other headphones or earbuds, the design of these lightning connectors is defined as geometry of the ear. And these earbuds are more comfortable than compared to other earbuds. The speakers of these earbuds maximized sound quality output and minimized the sound loss, so these earpods give you high sound quality. The lightning connector earpods have a built-in remote and mic for easy access to adjust the volume, control the track, answer the phone calls or end calls.

1.Virtual Acoustic Lightning Headphones

Brand: Unavailable
Connectivity: Unavailable
Rating: Unavailable
Headphones Jack: Unavailable
Headphones factor: Unavailable
  • Lightweight and gives better durability.
  • The sound and audio quality are great.
  • The adjustable controls are provided in earbuds for easy touch.
  • Expensive compared to other earbuds.

Summary of Virtual Acoustic Lightning Headphones

The earbuds have impressive audio quality, by the combination of advanced acoustic algorithms and digital signal processing algorithms the sound quality is natural and gives more detailed clearity. There are 3 equalizer effects to personalize your audio quality, listen to tracks you are able to pre-set with 3 different equalizer effects. The earbuds have high quality sounds because of these digital signals. In the digital signal processor, the digital-to-analog converter the signals are amplified on your earbuds and gives you high quality audio.

These earbuds have 6 wires cable for low loss audio used copper cable for stable connection and high speed transmission. The in-build remote and mic are used to adjust your volume, control the track, answer the calls or end calls for easy. These earbuds are MFi certified, there is no issue while using them. The earbuds jack is perfectly compatible in your phone with no audio lag. These earbuds give you ergonomic design.

2. Beats Urbeats 3

Brand: Beats
Modal Name: Beats urBeats3 Earphones with Lightning Connector
Connectivity: wired
Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Headphones Jack: Lightning connector
Headphones factor: In-Ear
  • The durability of these earbuds are great.
  • It gives excellent sound quality.
  • The controls are provided for easy.
  • The lightning connectors show some issues with Android devices.

Summary of Beats Urbeats

The earbuds with acoustic design and provides you with high quality sounds to the listeners gives you a great experience. And these earbuds are compatible with both iOS and Android. These earbuds have ergonomic design and give you comfort every time. And these earbuds come with a variety of ear tips to fit perfectly. And these earbuds have noise isolation and magnetic earbuds provide you easy portable. The microphone can activate the voice recognition siri with remote, these provide multifunctional access to adjust your volume, change the track, take calls or end. These earbuds in ergonomic fit with sleek design and provide the size options for your fit with noise isolation. The earbuds come with variant colors and you can choose which looks great for you.

3. Palo Vue Lightning Headphones

Connectivity: wired
Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Headphones Jack: Lightning connector
Headphones factor: In-Ear
  • Comfortable and lightweight wearing for a long time.
  • These earbuds do not slide and fall off from your ears.
  • Customizable options are provided for perfect fit.
  • The 3 different eartips may not be comfortable for some.

Summary of Palo Vue Lightning Headphones

The earbuds are MFI certified which means there is no any issue in connectivity. These earbuds have premium sound quality with clear deep, high bass to take the sounds from your ears to forward inside you. These exquisite design earbuds have strong metal lightning connection and the combination of classic look and features these earbuds give better durability for a long time. And earbuds have fit for sports and the eartips are customizable options to fit perfectly in your ear. The ergonomic design never slides or falls from your ear and is a stable fit after a long workout. These earbuds have water and sweat resistance, made comfortable for after long sessions. The comfortable and quality of earbuds makes you feel more confident. The MFi certified with the sound and audio are in great quality and it does not show any issues in connectivity. The earbuds fit perfectly with sports securely without any disturbs.

4. Belkin Rockstar Headphones

Brand: Belkin
Modal Name: RockStar
Connectivity: wired
Rating: 3.9 out of 5
Headphones Jack: Lightning connector
Headphones factor: In-Ear
  • Sleek and ergonomic design.
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with it.
  • Multifunctional controls are provided in earbuds.
  • The sound quality of the earbuds are poor compared to others.

Summary of Belkin Rockstar Headphones

The Belkin Rockstar earbuds let you hear your music track and take calls or end calls in iPhone without an adapter. The design of these earbuds provide you to fit perfectly and give high performance sound quality with noise isolation. These earbuds are MFi certified by apple for compatibility. The eartips help you to fit perfectly for your comfort. The earbuds are sweat and water resistant so you can use these earbuds for sports and workouts it makes comfort for every day.

These earbuds come with 3 different ear tips so you can find your comfortable fit for a great listening experience, choosing the better fit ear tips that are more comfortable for your daily use. These earbuds have innovative design and lightweight with noise cancelling,for this all you have to do is just plug your lightning port.

5. Libratone Q Adapt Lightning Headphones

Brand: Libratone
Connectivity: wired
Rating: 3.6 out of 5
Headphones Jack: Micro-USB connector
Headphones factor: In-Ear
  • Sound quality of the earbuds are excellent.
  • The stable comfortable fit.
  • The magnet to keep them together.
  • The noise cancelling is not well.

Summary of Libratone Q Adapt Lightning Headphones

The Libratone Q Adapt Lightning earbuds have 4 levels of noise controls. The adjustable noise cancelling earbuds let you to focus on your results. Minimize the outside background noise and maximize your audio quality and connectivity of these earbuds is wired. These earbuds are MFi certified and compatible with iOS devices. These earbuds provide no issue until your listening for up to 52 hours with no battery bulky packs.

The sound of these earbuds gives premium quality enhanced deep bass and full midrange all sounds gives great experience. The remote of four buttons for easy controls to change the track, adjust volume, take calls or end calls. These earbuds provide noise cancelling and lightweight comfort for all day. The in-build microphone has noise cancelling to let you reduce the background noise around you and gives you clear communication.on-torch multifunctional on your remote to activate Siri or to take calls or end calls or skip the track. The earbuds have adjustable eartips to choose the one which fits perfectly in the ear comfortable for all day.

6. Thor Over Ear iPhone Headphones

Connectivity: wired
Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Headphones Jack: 3.5mm Jack
Headphones factor: Over-Ear
  • High quality sound experience.
  • Does not slide or fall off from your ears.
  • The eartips are provided for comfortable fit.
  • The noise cancelling is not well.

Summary of Thor Over Ear iPhone Headphones

The headphones provide lightning audio for the iPhone and the experience pumping the sounds. As usual these earbuds have MFi certified by apple. The adjustable ear cushions maximize your comfort for studio headphones and improve the noise cancelation. The adjustable headbands help you wear these headphones for a while long sessions.the headphones gives more comfort while wearing for a long time. 50mm drivers paired with neodymium magnets provide wide range frequency response for Hi-Fi caliber sound with virtually no distortion or flex. The earpads and headband of these headphones are made up of soft materials premium protein leather, so these make the headphones more comfortable and let you wear them for a long time. These headphones fit perfectly over the head for hours of studio or casual use. As other these thor over ear headphones are also MFi certified. These headphones are foldable and easy to travel with it.

7. Pioneer Rayz plus

Brand: RAYZ
Modal Name: SE-LTC5R-T/XZCWL5
Connectivity: wired
Rating: 3.6 out of 5
Headphones Jack: Lightning connector
Headphones factor: In-Ear
  • The Smart Noise cancelling technology.
  • Settings are easy to use.
  • Personalization of the app breeze.
  • Download the app.

Summary of Pioneer Rayz plus

The Pioneer Rayz Plus earbuds have a classic look and sleek design. The earbuds have smart noise cancelation and 6 pairs of silicone eartips. The Pioneer earbuds are the first to market with 2nd generation lightning audio technology. These earbuds are the only earbuds which support automatic voice recognition to activate Siri. These earbuds make easy calls and skip tracks and send a message, listening to the music more comfortably. The connectivity of these earbuds is wired and these provide lightning connectors so no batteries and charging required.

The smart noise cancellation technology provides crystal clear communication which simply reduces the background noise around you and gives clear clarity audio. These earbuds provide 3 different ear-tips to choose which are perfectly fit for your ear and comfortably rest in your ear for a long time. The microphone of these earbuds automatically go for mute when you stop speaking. The on ear detection will pause the track or mute the call if you remove from your ears.

Advantages of Lightning Headphones


Lightning cables are used to reduce the sound delay from your device, so one lighting cable is enough and these make it easier to travel with it and you can easily wrap it into your packets. These make the travel more easier and comfortable while traveling for a long distance. If you’re traveling with multiple cords it may damage when traveling with it and one lightning cable is enough instead of traveling with multiple cords.

High-quality Audio

The headphones which have 3.5mm jack option then these headphones give the output of 16-bit quality. These headphones give high quality audio but lightning cable headphones which allows you to the next level audio quality which gives 24-bit quality. These qualities are comparable to studio recordings. Comparatively these two qualities make you noticeable and impressive.

Increased audio power

These lightning cables increase your audio quality to the next level with full volume of any headphones. Smartphones are drifting around the world today but they don’t provide proficiency in headphones equality. But lightning cables headphones provide you an increased audio quality power.

Lightning Headphones Buyer’s Guide – Things To Consider


To feel the audio quality experience of these headphones should fit perfectly in your ears for a long time. These headphones come with ear tips so you can choose which ear tips fit perfect and comfortable for you, because they decide you to wear these headphones for a long time. If the ear tips do not fit perfectly means you will feel some discomfort and the headphones will slide or fall off. So the comfort of the headphone depends on choosing the perfect fit for your ears.


These headphones can stand for years which are used daily. The durability of the headphones depends upon the build quality and materials used to build the headphone. By increasing the quality of the headphones, they increase the durability and stand for years. And the good quality headphones come with a warranty that will last a long time.

Special features

The special features of the headphone come with 3 different ear tips to fit perfectly in your ears and provide activated voice assistant technology and noise cancelling and noise isolation are additional features in headphones and remember as increase in features also increases the price of the headphones. The headphones have defined the geometry of the ears compared to other headphones. The speakers of these earbuds maximize sound quality output and minimize the sound loss.


The lifestyle of the headphone which decides buying your situational suitable headphones. If you are buying the headphones for sports activity then the headphones should have the features of waterproof and sweat resistance and these headphones do not slide or fall off from your ears or if you’re buying the headphones for working in office then the headphones should have noise cancelling to let you focus on your result with hearing the sounds or if you’re buying for only to hear sounds then you can go for low budget headphones these gives you better sound quality experience.

Microphone and control box

All lightning headphones come with a microphone and control boxes. But all combinations do not provide good experience while using them. If you want good sound quality experience with these combinations then you should have to pay attention to this also. These combinations in headphones make it easy to switch between calls and audio. The good quality microphone provides high-quality sound experience.


The durability and special features and comfort of the headphones depends on the brand. Buying a brand headphone to keep touch with customer service and to provide you clear response from the services. If you have any trouble with headphones then they will offer you a clear response of warranty.

If you have any issues in headphones then they will give you a clear about the issue or clarify your doubts. We are not telling you to buy only the brand headphones, defining only the difference of buying the brand headphones and ordinary headphones it is hard to be in touch with support. If you’re going more expensive for headphones then we’re saying you to buy the brand headphones for stay in touch with support.

Final words regarding the reviews

There are many lightning headphones but we sorted the best 7 lightning headphones and these headphones budget are reasonable with features. These earbuds have the geometry design of the ears compared to other headphones to make them more comfortable while wearing compared to other headphones. You have to decide which headphone is suitable for your situation. If you’re looking for sports headphones then the headphone should have waterproof and sweat resistance or if you’re looking for headphones for working in office then the headphone should have noise cancelling to let you focus on your results. We separated the headphones according to their behaviour and you can decide which is suitable for you.

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