Internet Service Provider – Basics

Internet Service Provider
  1. What is ISP?
  2. Purpose of ISP
  3. ISP down or is it for me alone?
  4. Can we hide our browsing details from ISP?
  5. Cannot connect to the internet?
  6. Test your internet speed
  7. Major ISP providers all over the world.
  8. Conclusion

What is ISP?

ISP stands for internet service provider who provides you the connection with the internet for a nominal fee. Most ISPs are mobile operators. There are also some ISPs who are not mobile operators provide you the connection to the internet. Every data sent or received from the internet passes the internet service provider first. Simply speaking the internet service providers control the traffic between you and the internet. Whatever advanced modems, routers and cables you have, you need an internet service provider to make them work. Some of the well known ISPs are Google, Verizon, and AT&T.

Types of internet connection:

  1. Dial-up connection
  2. Broadbands
  3. DSL – Digital Subscriber Line
  4. Fibre Optics

Around 2012-2014 most of the subscribers stopped using the dialup connection because they are so slow and can’t satisfy user speed requirements. Then the usage of the broadband went viral and most of the providers started to provide the broadband connection. Then came the DSL connection which was more faster than the broadband connection. Now as you know the broadband and DSL are used less and more usage is done with the fibre connections because they are unmatchable fast connections.

Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Purpose of ISP:

The main purpose of the ISP is to provide the internet connection to the user with high speed connectivity and less downtime. Also the purpose of the ISP in some countries is to censor the websites visited by their citizens and to block the sites that are against the law in those particular countries.

Is ISP down or not?

Sometimes all of a sudden our internet might stop working and we’ll wonder what happen to the connection cause we would have done absolutely nothing. So if something happens just like that I strongly suggest you follow the below steps.

  • Check you cable connections

This happened to me a lot of times. Many times I think that the provider is down and I would call to the provider to check the issue. But most of the it is my cable connection that I haven’t checked in the first place. Any lose cables may cause a disturbance in the internet connection and it is the reason why there is a sudden loss in the internet. So before checking any other things it is important to check the internet cables first.

  • Check whether it is speed or connection

Sometimes loss in internet speed may look like loss in internet connection. You may use the tools like net speed test to check the loss in internet connection speed. Also restart the router / modem once to check any error in them causes the connection loss. If everything good in this case and still the error is not solved then you need to contact the ISP now.

  • Try ISP support / Customer care

If you are using broadband or fibre cable connection then there are possibilities that they might have bent or broken anywhere in the neighbour hood. If you make a call to them they may explain the situation if there is a connection problem in the whole neighbourhood. So before getting into any conclusions make sure you have checked it with your ISP provider.

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Can we hide our browsing data from the ISP?

All the data in or out always pass through the ISP provider. For security reasons every ISP provider have the access to see what kind of sites you browse or visit. Some ISP providers increase or decrease speed limit on particular sites based on their plan. No data is encrypted between you and ISPs. So they can completely view the data transmitted between you and the internet. But without any particular important reason even a ISP provider can’t see your browsing history. Only in case of a security reason or court demand they might choose to view it.

It is not recommended to do any kind of illegal activities over the internet. You will get caught definitely. You are not anonymous with any ISP provider. But if you still need to anonymous person to hide your identity then I recommend VPN. Even with the VPN with you it is highly recommended not to do any illegal activities. You will get caught for sure.

Test your internet speed:

Here let me tell you how to check the internet speed of the connection you are using. For starters you need to open the speed test site by ookla. There you can start the test and check the upload speed and download speed of the internet connection that you are using. If the speed test shows you the actual connection speed that you brought from the ISP then the connection is perfect and no need to worry about it.

Major ISPs all over the world:

  1. Verizon
  2. AT&T
  3. Jio – Reliance
  4. Fibrant
  5. Google Fibre
  6. Xfinity from comcast
  7. Cox
  8. Sonic
  9. CenturyLink
  10. Bell Canada
  11. SuddenLink
  12. MyRepublic

These are the notable service providers from all the world. If you feel that we have any of the important service providers then please feel to message to include any important ISPs that are not included in the list.

The above details are very basic facts of the ISP and their functionalities. If you need to learn more about them follow the interlinks in the post and try to learn from it. All of them are complete research articles that are carefully written by a team of experts. If you need to know more from us then you can contact us through the email. We would like to help you any time.

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