Best 10 Safelink Phone Replacements 2020 [ Reviews based ]

Safelink Phone Replacements 2020

Hello mate. Here in this guide we’ll discuss how you could get a phone replacement if you are a Safelink subscriber. There might be any reasons you looking for a phone replacement either it may be your phone stolen, broken or not working fast as expected etc. But don’t worry since you are a Safelink subscriber we will let you the ways to get your phone replaced. This guide is all about the best Safelink phone replacement 2020 and this guide is fresh and always updated.

Safelink wireless company have provided the low income earners with free government phones with affordable plans through the lifeline program. This program still applies to you even if you have lost or got the phone damaged. You can still enjoy those benefits. Scroll down to learn how.

You can use this Safelink phone replacement program to connect with emergency services, with your loved ones & colleagues.

Safelink phone replacement program doesn’t have any active insurance program so it is very essential to take care of your own mobile phones.

Safelink Wireless Phone Replacement – Working Methods:

There are a lot of providers for free government cellphones. Safelink Wireless is one of them. As you know Safelink wireless is one of the most popular provider that connects more than 38 states in the united states. It also provides services in the Puerto Rico. Since this is a big establishment with a big user base there are perfect set of rules to be followed for the phone replacement. These are certain sets of policy that will apply when you apply for the phone replacement. They are briefly explained as follows.

Based on the user phone replacement policy of Safelink wireless, you can place the phone replacement request in the event of losing the phone / damaged the phone. One user can file for replacement only once. If you are in need of placing an another replacement order then you might be suggested to pay for this one. Also when placing the replacement request you will get a phone that is refurbished. Refurbished phone means a phone that is discarded by the previous owner because of any inside parts damage and is repaired by the company with some new parts. Now it will be in a perfect working condition.

After you place the replacement order with the Safelink wireless, your order is completely checked for the authenticity and eligibility. If you are entitled for the replacement then your old mobile will be deactivated completely for safety purposes. You will gain only the 10 minutes of your total airtime that is lost. ( Sorry about that)

Note: If your new replaced phone is lost / broken even before reaching your hands then don’t worry the company will bear the loss and provide you with a new mobile.

Below are the steps that you should follow in order to get the replacement phone.

How to get replacement phone from Safelink?

The parent company of the Safelink is the Tracfone company. Since you are in the US you must have definitely heard about this company. Tracfone is one of the best prepaid cell phone service providers here. So you can trust them completely and they are genuine.

Steps to follow when you phone is broken or lost:

  1. Visit or Make a phone call to 800-867-7183
  2. You will be prompted to enter the zip code. Enter your area zip code.
  3. Now a list of Safelink wireless compatible phones will be shown.
  4. There you need to enter the name, serial number and the phone number you were using.
  5. You can either choose to maintain the same old phone number or try a new one.
  6. After all the details are entered you can collect your mobile at the any nearby store such Walmart, Radio Shack, Kroger or K-Mart.

The received phone will have to be activated after buying. So you need to call the support of Safelink. Before calling the support please note down your sim card code which can be found at the backside of the sim card and the serial number that can be found on the activation card.

Note: Once the phone is activated you will get your unused airtime from the phone that you lost.

What are Safelink compatible phones or mobiles?

As we discussed Safelink Wireless is a sub organisation of tracfone company which provides mobile phones under free government cell phones contract. Safelink is also a network service provider which provides you all mobile related activities such as connecting with the friends, colleagues and family. You can connect to the internet and do all kinds of things that you can do with a smartphone. Also never think that these phones are cheap so there may occur problems in the mobile. We did a survey and found out that 89% of users are not facing any kind of serious issues with these smart phones and they are very good actually. So it is good to buy one.

Confused while choosing a mobile?

You might be confused with the features that are offered with the safelink compatible phones. You might not know what are the technical features that should be looked while looking for a safelink wireless compatible mobile. Here we have given below the main factors that you need to consider before buying the mobile phone.

  1. Operating System of the mobile.
  2. Processor Type / Brand
  3. Quality of the camera
  4. Internal Storage of the mobile
  5. Durability

Let me explain each one of them in brief. These are the important factors that should be considered while getting a mobile.

1. Operating System:

The operating system of the mobile commonly known as the mobile OS must be a latest one. Android is the most common mobile OS that are used nowadays. Also while selecting an android device you must make sure that the android version is a new one and not some low version or old version.

2. Processor:

Processor is a small chip inside your mobile that makes the device speed possible. Better processor means better speed for the mobile devices. When you buy the mobile make sure you select the processors that are 1.1GHz frequency or something above. Always mind that better processor is equal to better speed of the mobile.

3. Quality of the camera:

If you think you will be in need to click some good quality photographs in your mobile phone then you should really care about the megapixels of the camera in the smartphone that you are willing to choose. Because some day you definitely will click pictures of your family, pet or some nature, at that time your phone camera quality should not be an issue for you. So pick the phone with bigger megapixels. Higher the megapixel better the camera quality is.

4. Internal Storage of the Mobile:

Internal storage refers to the default memory capacity of the mobile phone. It may vary from 2 GB to 512GB depending on the model. If you don’t have any external memory cards then you need to choose a mobile with a high internal storage so that you will have some good space for all your contacts and pictures.

Some tips to store unlimited pictures and contacts – Read here

5. Durability

The brand that you are choosing must be more durable and robust. It should not be broken even when you drop it more than once. Also that brand must have their mobile repair shops all over the states so that if any minor problems occur you can get it done right.

Let’s see which mobiles are the best when it comes to replacements. Here we have listed top 10 best Safelink Phone Replacements 2020 (Latest). Today lot of mobile phones are available in the market. They are both cheap and more advanced. Still you will have a confusion of choosing the best mobile for your usage. Some people feel that they might do a mistake in choosing the best mobile because they don’t have the knowledge about the mobile technology and terms.

Don’t worry. We got you. Our RouterFury Team made a good analysis of all the best replacement mobiles available in the market and arranged them in an order so that you can pick them easily as per your requirements.

1. ZTE Z FIVE 2 4G

2. TracFone LG REBEL 4G


4. LG Phoneix 3

5. Samsung Galaxy S4

6. Motorola G4

7. Samsung Galaxy Sol 4

8. Alcatel Cameo X

9. Alcatel IdealXcite

10. Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna


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