Best 5 TracFone Flip Phones For Seniors

As an American citizen you must be well aware of the TracFone telecommunication company, It’s an American company that provides prepaid no contract mobile phones for the American citizens. This company was started during 1996 from the parent company Topp Telecom. This company is well known for producing good cheap quality mobile phones that are easily affordable by poor people. This company is MVNO company. It means this company functions as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. This company has tie ups with Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular etc.

This company has its headquarters in Florida and also has multiple stores spread across the country. The customer service is very good and I have personally experienced it.

1. Tracfone LG 441G Prepaid Cell Phone

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TracFone Phones For Seniors:

Below are the five best TracFone mobile phones that are recommended to the senior citizens.

Plans offered by the Tracfone company:

The Tracfone company has variety of plans that are available for all kinds of the mobile phones. You need to choose the plans that are well suited for you. The plans can be easily divided into two major types.

  • The plans for the basic mobile phones
  • The plans for the smart phones

Choose a plan depending on the phone you hold. Before hand let me explain you the billing methods. For basic mobile phones the billing is always calculated in terms of unit. A unit means a minute. For example if you talk for a minute in the mobile then it means you have used one unit of your time. You need to buy some units in order to call / text / surf the internet. One minute of your outgoing call will cost you one unit. It depends on the latest plans by the company. For sending a message you need to spend 0.3 unit and it is just the same for browsing the internet. This is just applicable to the basic model mobile phones. Smart phones will have different pricing plans.

Triple for life plans:

You may or may not heard about the “Triple for life” offer by the TracFone company. This offer will provide you the triple value of what you recharge. For example if you recharge for 50 minutes then you will get 150 minutes. Also you will get 150MB data and 150 SMS texts. I guess the offer is expired for new TracFone mobile customers.

The best part of the Triple for life plan is that as the name suggests whatever you recharge it will be tripled for the lifetime you use the mobile.

As we mentioned earlier the pricing for the smartphone will be entirely different than that of the basic phones. For example a $15 recharge will fetch you around 500 minutes of call, 500MB of data and 500 SMS texts. But these plans are not always permanent and change periodically with time. You need to follow up the company for latest offers or watch out for the promotional SMS from the company.

Does Tracfone allows international call?

Of course why not? Even the Tracfone basic plans are eligible to make an international call. But the small thing to note is that there are few guidelines that you need to follow before making the call.

Before making the international call you need to call the toll free number and type in the contact number that you wish to call.

It is important to note that Tracfone offers their customers with a $10 global card that allows you to make an international call for the balance of $10. You need to use it within 180 days. For more details you need to visit their official site.

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